Bordered by Crossley Lane and Little Bourke Street, Bossley is an intersection of modern Melbourne bar and classic Aussie hospitality.

Inspired by the legendary Bossley herself, welcome to our namesake’s favourite haunt. Part girl boss, part lady of leisure, she’s the very reason for gathering here. And everything we do is a nod to her zest for Melbourne life.

We’re the kind of place that immediately embraces you in comfort and camaraderie. With open arms and a kiss on each cheek. That’s just how it is around here – and it’s exactly how Bossley likes it.

We’re a cross between neighbourhood haunt and destination dining, and our goal is to always deliver the best. Whether you’re a just-becauser, pre-theatre goer or private party thrower, we’ve got something for you.

Our motto? Do as Bossley would do. Whether it’s a Tuesday evening or an exciting opening night, she believes any occasion calls for a cocktail… and it’s never too late for espresso. If you’re wondering about dessert? Bossley’s answer is always an emphatic ‘of course.’

And when it comes to the menu… well, no one says it better than Bossley: ‘local looks good on everyone and seasonal will never go out of style, darling.’ Bossley’s menu is all about classic techniques pulled off to perfection – packed with the freshest local produce, of course. So order anything and everything that takes your fancy. You really can’t go wrong.

Come and get to know us over dinner… you never know, you may just bump into the woman herself.